About Budgetwoodworker.com

Woodworking has long been a hobby that required elite tools with huge price tags.

For this reason, Budgetwoodworker.com was established in October of 2016.

My goal is to find the best value in hand tools, and I personally test each and every one. While this is not a huge corporate operation, each tool still needs to pass my rigorous standards and provide value to the hobbyist woodworker. While I'm not claiming our tools are going to be the Cadillac of hand tools, they will get the job done and last with care. In my opinion, tools are meant to be used - Would you rather put a  chip in a $10 chisel or a $100 chisel? I hope to interest as many people as possible in the lovely hobby of woodworking.

Stretching your dollars to help make more sawdust,


About Ben and His Hobbies

  • Wood and metal working
  • 3D printing & rapid prototyping
  • Electronic device creation and modifications
  • High-performance automobile tuning and modifications
  • Machining, welding, and tooling
  • CAD Modeling and CNC