Cutting Tools

  • Classic Multi-function Pocket Knife | 5 in 1

    A Great Classic Pocket Knife At A Great Price! • 5 Tools fold out for this little guy:(1) Nail File(2) Nail Cleaner(3) Knife Blade(4) Tweezers(5) Scissors(6) Toothpick Features and Specifications:• Integrated Keychain Ring• Blade Length:...

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  • Unbranded

    Spade Drill Bit Set Paddle Wood Boring Flat Woodworking | 6pc Set

    Professional's tool choice for fast, clean holes through studs, joists & other softwoods. 6-bit set in sizes #10 (3/8 in.), 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 and 1 inch Durable tempered high-speed steel holds up to frequent use; 1/4 in. shaft...

  • SE

    Automatic Wire Stripper | Cable Stripper

    This is a great automatic wire stripper - that's reliable and accurate. Here are the features:    • Dimensions: 7" x 2-1/2" x 3/4" • Plastic Jaw and Teeth • Metal Strippers • Jaw Mouth Opening : 11/32" •...

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  • Wood Carving Knife | 7in Handle

    Great quality wood carving knife! These wood carving / whittling knives are great because of the partial wedge shaped tang.  The blade doesn't have anywhere to wander or move in the handle because the tang gets forced into the body of the...

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    Heavy Wood Rasp Woodcarving Carving Kit Set | 8pc Double Sided

    Each wood rasp is 7 - 7/8" total length, and well made.   • 8pc Set Includes: Round, Half Round, Flat, Equaling, Crossing, Knife, Square, Three Square • Length: 7 - 7/8" • Diameter: 5mm • Heavy Duty • Rasp Cut •...

  • Rough Rider Carving Chisels | 12 Piece Kit With Case

    Nice 11 Piece Carving Set Is Great For Beginners This carving set is another one of the gems I've found.  It's a great value for the money. This set gives you a nice variety of shapes and good enough quality that you'll get plenty of...

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  • 144 Piece Jeweler's Saw Blade Kit | Assorted Sizes

    144 Piece Blade Kit For The Jeweler Saw This is a nice quality blade kit for Jeweler saws.  The blade and teeth size assortment will ensure that you have the correct blade for every task.  Spares are always great to have as well! Included...

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  • Deluxe Jeweler Saw For Detail Work | Adjustable Blade Length

    A Jeweler Saw Is The Best Tool For Precision Cross Cutting I decided to start carrying these style saws for the sole purpose of cutting across the sockets of the pins & tails of dovetail joints, after seeing a seasoned woodworker demonstrate this...

  • Spoke Shave - Metal Body - Adjustable Depth and Angle | 9in

    Shape curves and contours with ease! When properly sharpened, spoke shaves leave a great smooth finish on even the tightest of curves.  This is a basic model that is great to get your feet wet.  It has a decent quality iron, nice angle and...