Hand Saws

  • 144 Piece Jeweler's Saw Blade Kit | Assorted Sizes

    144 Piece Blade Kit For The Jeweler Saw This is a nice quality blade kit for Jeweler saws.  The blade and teeth size assortment will ensure that you have the correct blade for every task.  Spares are always great to have as well! Included...

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  • Deluxe Jeweler Saw For Detail Work | Adjustable Blade Length

    A Jeweler Saw Is The Best Tool For Precision Cross Cutting I decided to start carrying these style saws for the sole purpose of cutting across the sockets of the pins & tails of dovetail joints, after seeing a seasoned woodworker demonstrate this...

  • Handyman Club Of America Flush Cut Saw | 7" Flexible Blade

    This flush cut saw is perfect for cutting off dowels, dovetail pins, etc. The flexible blade allows you to flush cut easily.  The fine serrations give you a smooth cut. This is a nice sized saw for learning basic joinery like dovetails,...

  • Handyman Club Of America Back Saw | 10.25" Blade

    A nice starter hand saw for learning joinery The back bracing helps keep your cross cuts on point. This is a nice sized saw for learning basic joinery like dovetails, mortise and tenons, and miter joints. Overall length: 16.25 Blade length: 10...