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  • Razor Blade Scraper Set | 4 PC

    4Pc Razor Blade Scraper Set• Dimensions: 2” x 1-3/4”• Blade Size: 3/4” x 1-1/2”• Plastic Handle• Assorted Colors: Green, Black, Blue, & Yellow in a Blister• Great for Home, Hardware, Paint Removal,...

  • 6in Pocket Ruler | Stainless Steel | SAE and Metric

    Super NIce Quality - Dual Sided Pocket Ruler SAE / Inches on one side, Metric CM on the other. This ruler's nice compact size is easy to grip.  It's thick enough to give you a great marking edge and stiff enough not to be a floppy,...

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  • Automatic Center Punch

    Simply Push Down To Make A Divot This spring assist automatic center punch eliminates the need to swing a hammer before drilling.  You can be more exact and save time! • Tool Length: 5• High Carbon Steel Tip• High Tension...

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  • Chisel and Plane Iron Sharpening Guide | Angle Finder

    Handy Angle Checker For Sharpening Chisels   This little guy is great for quickly dialing in the exact angle for chisels.  They are handy to keep right with your sharpening set up. They even feature a hole that you can use to hang it next to...

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  • Unbranded

    Hot Melt Glue Gun | 40W Electric 110V

    Brand New Electric Glue Gun 40 W    Features: - Voltage: 110V - Frequency: 50/60 Hz - Power: 40 Watts - Includes 2 Standard Size Hot Melt Glue Sticks, diameter .44" - Measures 6" x 4" - Melts to 390 degrees F For Bonding Jobs: -...

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  • Vernier Slide Caliper Manual | 3" Range

    I added these inexpensive 3 vernier calipers to our catalog specifically for making jigs and using on machinery.  For example, attach one to a drill press and get bam, you've got a drill depth gauge! Inside, outside, and depth measurement capable...

  • Electronic Caliper | Digital Display | 6" Range

    I added these electronic calipers with a digital display to our catalog specifically for joinery and setting up machinery.  For example, attach one to a drill press and get bam, you've got a drill depth gauge! Inside, outside, and depth measurement...

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  • Carpenter Speed Square - Aluminum Alloy | 7in

    Speed squares are super handy for anything from framing to simple cross-cutting. I'm proud to offer these nice aluminum alloy speed squares.  This one is a handy 7in variety.  Some popular uses them for are: Marking for cross...

  • Berol Mirado Peel-Off China Marker|Blue

    These Blue China Markers Are Great For Writing On Any Surface! While not traditionally used for fine woodworking, China markers have their place in a workshop.  I love to use these for marking on scrap wood projects, OSB plywood, Particleboard, or...

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  • Metric Dial Indicator | 10mm Range

    Dial Indicators Are A Quick Way To Be Super Accurate I like to use these guys to check runout on home-made machines, set up extremely accurate table saw cuts, and much more! This particular dial indicator comes with a protective case. Quick...