Marking Tools

  • Automatic Center Punch

    Simply Push Down To Make A Divot This spring assist automatic center punch eliminates the need to swing a hammer before drilling.  You can be more exact and save time! • Tool Length: 5• High Carbon Steel Tip• High Tension...

  • Berol Mirado Peel-Off China Marker|Blue

    These Blue China Markers Are Great For Writing On Any Surface! While not traditionally used for fine woodworking, China markers have their place in a workshop.  I love to use these for marking on scrap wood projects, OSB plywood, Particleboard, or...

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  • Dual Color Layout Pencil | Red/Blue

    Easy Marking On Both Soft and Hardwoods These pencils are flat out great.  It seems simple, but being able to just flip the pencil around for any marking need is a real time saver. No need to scramble around and find that hiding pencil. Buy a...

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  • Razor Edge Marking Chalk For Woodworking | 20 Pack

    This Marking Chalk Is Just Awesome! Laying out projects with chalk is great. The lines are highly visible and easy to wipe away - unlike pencil. But most don't like using chalk because it's not a fine enough line. Enter the razor's edge chalk! This...

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