Misc Hardware

  • Rustic Bottle Opener | Vintage Style

    This rustic bottle opener is great for DIY bar or kegerator projects! Features:1. High quality, easy install, durable2. Unique wall mount design, convenient, anti-rust3. Material: Rustic Red bronze Finish4. Suitable for opening all types of crown top...

  • 2 PC Plastic Funnel Kit | Shop Set

    • 2Pc Funnel Set   - Funnel 1: Dia: 2-3/4" , Height : 4" - Funnel 2: Dia: 2" , Height :3-1/7"   Great for filling glue bottles, transferring wood stains, etc.

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  • Steel T-nut |1/4-20 x 5/16" | 4-Prong

    Classic T-Nuts for building jigs and DIY machines. This flavor of T-nut is a 1/4-20 and zinc plated.  Price breaks are available for orders of increased quanity. If you're not super familar with these little guys, you're in for a treat...

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  • Micro Hold Down Toggle Clamp For Jig Making & Tools

    These tiny hold down toggle clamps are fantastic... I use these by the bucket load.  I use them for my small table saw sled, drill press, & even my miter saw stop block jig. This particular flavor is the small variety.  Great holding...