• Wood Carving Knife | 7in Handle

    Great quality wood carving knife! These wood carving / whittling knives are great because of the partial wedge shaped tang.  The blade doesn't have anywhere to wander or move in the handle because the tang gets forced into the body of the...

  • Spoke Shave - Metal Body - Adjustable Depth and Angle | 9in

    Shape curves and contours with ease! When properly sharpened, spoke shaves leave a great smooth finish on even the tightest of curves.  This is a basic model that is great to get your feet wet.  It has a decent quality iron, nice angle and...

  • Detail Work Carving Chisels | 11 Piece Kit

    Nice 11 Piece Carving Set Is Great For Beginners This carving set is another one of the gems I've found.  It's a great value for the money. This set gives you a nice variety of shapes and good enough quality that you'll get plenty of...

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  • Marbles Hatchet | Single Bit

    Classic Marbles Quality With A Time-Tested Design This hatchet is definitely a tool that you can hand down to your grandkids. I really like this hatchet for spoon carving - the blade shape combined with the light weight make this a joy to use...

  • Morakniv Draw Knife | Swedish High Carbon Steel

    This Morakniv Draw Knife Is An Amazingly Beautiful Tool This draw knife ships with a mirror edge blade, already super sharp out of the box. Great for splitting timber, shaping legs or other longer pieces by hand. 14 3/8 overall 4 1/2 single...

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  • Rotary Tool | Cordless & Rechargeable | 9.6v

    Inexpensive alternative to high priced rotary tools! Adjustable speed, quick charging, and a low, low price!  Unbelievable value! Specs: Adjustable Speed Charge Time: 3-4 Hours 9.6 Volt Battery 3pc 1/2” x 1/2” Sanding...

  • SE Miniature Trimming Plane | 3.5in

    Great Quality Metal Trimming Plane From SE   This is a handy little plane that is a joy to use for detail work.  It feels great in the hand and leaves a great finish.   Machine work from the factory is great quality. But as with all...

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