Spoke Shave - Metal Body - Adjustable Depth and Angle | 9in

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Shape curves and contours with ease!

When properly sharpened, spoke shaves leave a great smooth finish on even the tightest of curves.  This is a basic model that is great to get your feet wet.  It has a decent quality iron, nice angle and depth adjustments, and nice overall machining.

The handle finish is a sort of epoxy coating that feels great in the hand and cleans up nice!

  • 1.75in Blade 
  • Blade Hardness: 60HRC

Please note: As with all woodworking tools, these require sharpening for best results.  Out of the box, this spoke shave has a good angle to start with, but flattening, touch up, and honing is needed.  I recommend using the Scary Sharp method.  With some care, these will be razor sharp and you'll be super happy. 

As with other planes, you should also remove the iron and prepare the sole of the spokeshave by surfacing it on your sharpening stone.  This will remove some of the paint and coating - but that's fine.  This operation serves two purposes:  You'll get a nice flat base to ensure the plane works it's best, and you'll remove any contaminants or paint pigment that might rub off on your work piece.